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Telugu dating photos

Then, there are those as well who like to keep people guessing with their frequent public appearances and no comments.

They are regularly spotted together at social events and have also written and directed three short films together.

Its images had never resulted in any scientific discovery in the area."The images reproduced on the websites may well be ours, but their interpretation is certainly not ours," Hess had said, referring to the NRI websites.

The report on the Internet that had appeared five years ago had also claimed "archaeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to...about 1.75 million years ago" as does the age of the bridge.

After starring together in the show, as Shiv and Sati, Mouni Roy and Mohit Raina’s on-screen chemistry was a hit among the audiences.

The news that Nagarjuna’s son Akhil Akkineni and Shriya Bhupal called off their wedding took Tollywood by storm.

Soon enough, the pictures of the actress started roaming around the internet to an extent that the Bhuvneshwar himself took to his Instagram account once again and cleared the air on whom he is dating.

He took the screenshot of one of the reports and posted it with a caption, “Whoever going with this false rumour of me dating her”, please note she is definitely not the one you are looking for!! I myself will introduce the one when it’s time.” It seems like Bhuvneshwar took a dig at the media, making fun of their imagination.

Back in October 2002 too the US agency had rebutted a story circulated by an Indian news agency based on claims made by a couple of NRI websites and Hindu news services that "space images taken by NASA" had revealed "a mysterious ancient bridge in the Palk Strait"."Remote sensing images or photographs from orbit cannot provide direct information about the origin or age of a chain of islands, and certainly cannot determine whether humans were involved in producing any of the patterns seen," NASA official Mark Hess had said then."The mysterious bridge was nothing more than a 30 km long, naturally-occurring chain of sandbanks called Adam's bridge," Hess had added.